Matthew was born July 12th 1976 in New England but was raised throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Deep South, before eventually settling down with his family to the Forests lovely dark and deep of East Texas.

He is a Teacher by profession and a Minister of the Gospel by Calling, it is to these two ventures that he is presently endeavoring to make himself worthy of their mantles by an unceasing journey of tedious formal education and broad self-instruction – though, as an ardent autodidact, it is certainly more of the latter than the former.

Matthew loves Music, Words, and Dream-filled sleep. He loves to sweat under the Summer’s swelter and wear long scarves in the Winter.

Candace was born November 18th 1978 in the Metroplex of greater Dallas, but grew up among the shadowy groves of East Texas. She knows the West almost as well as her beloved knows the East.

She is a woman of many talents and interests, but counts her role as Wife and Mother to be her utmost priority. Her educational background includes such diverse fields as Theatre & Stagecraft as well as Botanical Science  (focusing on Sustainable Agriculture) and rudimentary Medicine.

Candace loves warm drinks, fresh-tilled earth, and all things that Grow. She thinks it is no small thing to celebrate a simple Life.