I was reading one of my favorite decorating on a budget blogs, The Nesting PlaceNester was speaking of how she realized that she has missed having a garden to prune and weed and flowers around her home. She has made a couple big moves in her life and went from a home owner to a renter and in doing thus has lost a bit of the freedom that being a home owner allows in decorating.  It made me think of my own loss of flower friends when we moved from our quaint little 1940’s home in Norman, Oklahoma to transverse the Eastern half of the US to move to Annapolis, Maryland.

It was a huge move for me.

We lived in Norman, Oklahoma for five years after getting married, while I was attending University. We lived in a modest little two bedroom house that had a wheelchair ramp from a former occupant that my children rode their trikes down or sled down in the snow. I worked in the Botany Dept green house and was able to make the best potting soil mix and propagate all kinds of wonderful plants.  I spent every day with my plants either in the greenhouse or in my yard.

When we moved to Maryland I had to sell my 35+ houseplants including bonsai that I nurtured as if they were my own children.  I left lasagna layered flower beds that were filled with compost so carefully made from bags of lawn clippings I collected all over town, coffee grounds from Starbucks where I was employed, and cast off plants from the OU greenhouse.

My Japanese maples, passion flower vines, and purple woodland violets that I had started from seed, my wild grape vine that had made its way from rural Chicago in a graduate student’s agrimonia specimen for research for her thesis, and my beloved herb garden.

Needless to say even though it was just dirt and organic matter, I mourn the loss of my yard and plants as I would have a friend. It sounds crazy, right?

But I know that I have many more flowers and plants to nurture in my lifetime, many more sunburned backs ahead of me as I bend and sweat while tending my Lord’s creation.

For it is He who has made everything beautiful in His time and has dominion over all.