Yes, I know it is supposed to be chasing rabbits…but I am not going to go into all of the rabbits that I chase on a day to day basis.  I lose more time and energy chasing rabbits than I should and care to admit.  Whether it is in conversations while stepping out of the house to run an ‘I’ll be quick and get right back,’ errand, cleaning house but stopping to thumb through a book, or jump onto the computer and hopping over to face book and then proceeding to get lost in the never ending maze of wardrobe refashioning and sewing crafty blogs.

I have long-suffering and supportive husband.  He is so patient with me that I sometimes wonder when it is going to run out…don’t worry I know that although his patience might wear, his love is still strong.  He is a wonderful man and a loving father.  I find my love increasing for him every day that I have been privileged to call him my beloved.

There I go again…

So, I have had a lot of projects that I have wanted to tackle and haven’t really gotten started due to other things coming up and taking priority position.

Tonight we are hosting the Men’s Prayer Meeting and I have to clean my house and get it prepared for having company.  I prefer to always be at the ready to receive guests into my home, however, with four kids ranging from 9 years to 7 months it can prove difficult.  So this morning as I was going about tidying up the nursery, I began to think of projects yet unfinished in the children’s room; raised shelves for toys, hooks or pegs for backpacks, storage solutions for toys, etc….bunk bed tent being the coolest.

I have a problem in the fact that I have the oldest children of our young couples groups at church.  Not that I resent having older children. I  have older children and I  have taught Sophia the limits of her freedom around her siblings stuff. It is because of this that I have  forgotten what it was like  teach my children limits concerning playing in other’s bathrooms, opening closets that are supposed to stay closed to pull out every toy that said closet contains even though some are dangerous for children younger than 2 (small parts), or not to climb up unto the top bunk and while there pull all of the posters off of the wall.  I am also not going to say that we have a 100% obedience ratio either, my children are after all children who delight in their desires first and ours as parents as an after thought. I know that this will change as they accept the saving knowledge of Christ’s sacrifice for us and as they mature and grow.

Thus my thinking of the bunk bed tent.  I googled do it yourself bunk bed tent and found this blog: The Woman of 1,00 Hobbies.  Well, bless my soul, a kindred spirit.  Here is her bunk bed tent. It is on the bottom bunk, but I think that this might entice the little kiddos that come over to play in it instead of choosing to crawl to the top bunk to play ship, especially if it looks like a house. I am still trying to find a solution for the top bunk that will  keep little ones down and them let my son up at night.  I might do something with anchored hooks in the ceiling and a tarp with bungy around it acting as a wall…hmmm.

Oh, And here is her sewing room, yes she has an entire room for sewing, and no I am not coveting it, shame on you for suggesting such a thing.  I do however love her decision to use vintage pattern covers as the framed art in her sewing room. Rabbits are hopping all over here, can you see them?  Such cute and inventive little bunnies.

SO I am not going to chase rabbits on Woman’s blog.  But I think that I might get some great ideas from her in the future to face my rabbits, and that is a very good thing.