I am not sure why I have not had the gumption to blog more since starting ProsperoHouse.  I get busy with this or that, kids, obligations.  I have been online.  I have found many new crafting and sewing blogs to read that give me ideas and eye candy.  I have Facebooked more than I would like to admit.  I even watch my movies online because we have a TV but we only use it for DVDs & PlayStation.

I can say that I have been busy.  Four children in one two bedroom house makes for lots of fun, laughs, tears and messes. We have seen Liam grow from a little grub to a scooting, yawping man-cub.  Sophia is increasingly girly in a way that her older sister never was;  hiding under the table with my purse, the cell phone, and a smile.

My oldest two children start back to school next Monday and I have tried to figure out where the summer has gone. Then I go to my husband’s flickr site and I am reminded that our summer has been full with Karate, sunny days, church, fellowship, and family.