I have been meaning to compose an entry about a new-to-me blog that I have been perusing more often than I care to admit.  It is Soule Mama, the sounding board of Amanda Soule, an author, crafter, wife, and mom. She is a gifted lady.  I go to her site for the eye candy, to get ideas,  and to enter her giveaways. Her children are adorable and her handiwork is enviable. I love her use of light and warmth.  She is a kindred mothering spirit and I do not know how she has the time to get it all done.

We may have differing views theologically… I am unsure of her heart’s beliefs for she doesn’t use her Soule Mama blog as a sounding board for that aspect of her life, and for that I am thankful.

I do know this: I love to read of her delighting in her children, her husband’s presence, and ordinary days with extraordinary occurrences. And upon the next time I have money to spend on books, I plan to buy one if not several of hers.

She is having a giveaway today for an adorable cow kimono and rockin’ aqua blue messenger bag sponsored by Bayan Hippo.  You should probably check out Bayan Hippo on Etsy as well… AWESOME! Their clothes are the cutest and the bags are so me.