Exhausted. I sit at my desk and watch the falling snow rest upon the branches of the Cedar outside my office window; slowly filling the eaves and gutters of my neighbors. Rest has finally come. Exhale

The better part of my day and evening has been spent rushing to-and-fro the greater Annapolis area, securing a place to stay for the homeless in our area as well as bringing food to hungry families in our community…  but in the midst of the day’s tiny victories, there’s the dark creeping of cold despair.

A part of me looks around and wonders at the misery. I cannot savor the delicate beauty of the Winter season, as it is a harbinger of misery for so many. The falling snow does not evoke nostalgia or a Winter Wonderland for such as these, but chills their hearts in worry. How can I delight in a season that brings illness to children and death to the aged?

There are times when I want to bellow at them to flee to the South, escape to warmer climes than these. Hitchhike or even walk if you have to, but get away from this region…  like sheep without a shepherd, they wander aimless here.

So I look out my window at the gently falling snow, we are to average at least three inches a day for the rest of this week, but I cannot contemplate its beauty…  I can only see the hardness of human hearts and the fallen nature of mankind.

As the branches grow whiter and heavier under their frigid burden, I am reminded that the fields are “white for the Harvest” and that He is ever at His redemptive work…  His people also.

“The poor you will always have with you,” He said, and surely it is so. Yet, He also promised us: “I am with you always, even to the end of the Age.”

Surely, it is so.