Let me explain…  no, there is too much, let me sum up.

Candace and Liam came home last Saturday morning. I had a rather rude awakening that same day at around 4am with Gaelynn vomiting in the bathroom.

She did not have a temperature, so I surmised that she had either eaten something that violently disagreed with her or that she had picked up a mild stomach virus.

I arranged with my Uncle George to sit with the younger children, while I drove to the hospital to bring my wife and newborn son home.

Sophia’s second birthday was Sunday, and we held the usual intimate gathering of immediate family at our house. Gaelynn (by now fully recovered from her mild malady) and Israel doted upon her with gifts and other baubles. Candace served cake with ice cream, and we all sang the birthday song. Her unsuccessful attempts to blow out the candle were especially endearing.

Monday morning, I felt a first twinge of discontent in my own stomach, but soldiered on to work anyway. Martin Luther King Day (or “National Day of Service” for our organization) was spent in a variety of projects and endeavors. By the time late evening arrived, I was in a state of near-delirium. Arriving home, I collapsed into bed… shivering and feverish.

I think a good night’s rest was all I needed to recover from whatever it was I had acquired. Unfortunately, I did not arise soon enough to accompany a party of colleagues and peers into Washington DC for the Inauguration festivities. No matter, I spent the day with my wee lass and my newest wee laddy.

This brings me to now… and with much reflection.

I have remained in steady communication with “Donatello” over the last couple of weeks, and he has performed technological wonders in bringing my former site “back from the dead” by piecing together the tattered remnants of my archives.

As it appears now, I have recovered nearly 100% of my content, and now need only configure the various widgets and tweak the layout in order to be fully restored. When it is finished, I will maintain a parallel presence at matthew.wordpress.com as well as matthew.journalspace.com

I am indebted to those of you whom have sent me whatever saved entries and caches of my former site you possessed. On behalf of my descendants, I thank you.

My efforts to ensure a smooth Southwesterly transition continue, with slow and small discernable progress. The triumvirate of priorities (Housing/Employment/Transport) remain unresolved as yet, though I believe I have made considerable progress in recent weeks.

The first hindrance was whether I would be unable to find a buyer for our vehicle in time to get an affordable price for airplane tickets, but my Uncle George has offered to purchase the van (to sell later at a profit). This is a huge burden off my mind, as I did not know if we could find a buyer for our rusticated “ol’ Bessie” in an area as affluent as Annapolis.

Finding housing in East Texas has presented me with no shortage of difficulty. Kilgore, being a relatively rural community, is not yet as “wired” for the Internet as what I have grown used to since living in “college town” Norman and “metropolitan” Annapolis.

There is no local database of available residential properties for rent, save for that of the immediate vicinities of Tyler/Longview. However, my parents have extended the hospitality of the rambling Mt. Pleasant house for the time it will take us to secure housing.

Employment poses similar hindrances as housing, due to technological constraints, but Texas (specifically East Texas) boasts a rather strong economy – relatively unfazed by the recent downswing of the national markets. I do have some encouraging leads, but it will be difficult to aggressively pursue them until I am there. No one wants to conduct a job interview via telephone or email.

Speaking of employment…  the “new guy” who shall be my replacement is coming along quite well. Being much younger than I, without the “constraints” of a wife and a house full of young children, I think he will be able to surpass me in many areas…  though he lacks my charisma and more dynamic character traits.

Ah, but he is still quite young yet, with a decided bent towards politics, and he may well become President someday…  stranger things have happened.

So that is where I am right now…  standing uncomfortably between the East Coast and East Texas, my attention divided between commitments and ambitions in each.

A “double-minded” man, unstable and wave-toss’d amidst an ocean of possibilities.