William Samuel Lee was born today…  this, the fifteenth day of the month of Janus, the two-thousand and ninth year of our LORD.

‘Twas not long after Candace’s amniotic water poured forth in a great rushing torrent, that Liam followed hard upon. With a great strain and heave, Candace brought him forth. Shivering and purple, he let loose with a terrifying wail…  and then he fell silent.

A nurse wiped him clean of the various fluids and then the Doctor held him in front of me, his cord to be cut. Doing so, he was then wrapped in swaddling clothes and lain gently upon his mother’s bosom.

There is, of course, much more of this tale to tell…  but I shall leave that to my beloved.


A second son and heir, as well as my fourth living child, Liam shares his day of birth with Molière, Martin Luther King, and Captain Beefheart…  as well as the untold millions of other children of the earth that were born today.

I bid you a silent and unspoken welcome, my son, and hope that the all-wise bright LORD of Heaven grants me the wisdom and humility to raise you well. That I might train you the way you should go.