The holidays have come and gone, a long slow season of revelry, leaving naught but the drippings of ambitions and endeavors in their wake. Time shuffles along, and the sweetnesses of the year’s ending fade into the resolve of another’s beginning.

We have begun, in earnest, to prepare for our imminent departure…

Everything from making employment/housing inquiries in the East Texas area, to Freecycling our extraneous furnitures or superfluous accoutrements. Candace has been gradually packing away things since we first came to this decision some months hence, and she already has most of the books packed away…  as well as many of our less-important or infrequently-used items.

Our venerable Van “ol’ Bessie” is going to be sold, the profits of which will cover our airplane fare and contribute towards miscellaneous transition costs. We will be acquiring a new vehicle upon our arrival, and I started researching automobiles in the vicinity more than a month ago hence. In fact, I already have my eye on a Chevrolet Uplander that is at a dealership near Shreveport.

I have hired the man that, I hope, will replace me and continue the work that has been started in the Admiral Oaks community. He is quite young, no wife/no kids, and has tremendous potential. Much of my time at work for the next 35 days will be spent preparing him, and I intend to do so to the utmost of my capacity. I have spent so long on this task, there is a strange combination of fear and relief from contemplating my end at the Boys & Girls Club…  though it shall be then that I will eagerly turn my eyes towards the next venture.

Candace has, as yet, not brought forth our youngling son William into the world…  though it is not for lack of desire. My beloved has borne him with strength and grace o’er these many weeks and months, but her fire has begun to burn low. She and I both are as children that wait past Noontide for our Christmas morn. We have done near all we can to prepare for Liam’s arrival, and now there is nothing we can do but to hurry up and wait.

I am looking upon a Chessboard of a match long in progress, having made my best Opening, I am now in that vague and ticklish stanza of exchange and maneuver…

The Endgame is still but a way’s away, and I have only begun to exert my strategy.