Tonight was not the most festive New Year’s Eve that I have ever had.  I was not the life of the party.

We ate chicken and broccoli fettuccine Alfredo and Caesar salad for dinner, with a delicious loaf of organic rosemary olive oil boule that my neighbor brought over to us.

I surprised Matthew with a bottle of Windy Lane Chardonnay, while I bought for myself a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Matthew likes white wines and I like red wines.

Do not fear that I drank the entire bottle, I limited myself to 6oz (per Dr’s orders).  I do not like to over-indulge in the vino anyway, I just enjoy the taste and complexity.

I went to bed before midnight last night…  yes, I know, not very festive.  I was grumpy and calloused to the revelry due to insufficient sleep and waning patience with whining, ill children.  I am fully aware that by admitting this that I have left myself open for scolding, but it is what it is.  I grounded myself to bed for rest.

Liam was cooperative and allowed me to sleep for about an hour before the fireworks in a nearby neighborhood woke me up.  I got up at 12:11am and sat in the den for a while with a not so cooperative,  very exhausted, sick Sophia before Matthew was waking me up again to tell me to go get in our bed. 

I did not see the ball drop in Times Square and I did not share a New Year’s first kiss with my beloved, Gaelynn got a kiss from Daddy though.  She waited patiently and enjoyed watching the Times Square festivities before turning around on the couch to watch the display out of our back windows. Israel lasted only until 10pm.

So here I am up at 6:30am on New Year’s morning, the house is quiet and I have dishes to finish, but I feel rested for the first day this week.  Oh, Wait!  I hear Israel coming down the stairs with gusto, uhm, that would be stomping.

I am sure that within 15 minutes of his arrival by my side Sophia will awaken as well, due to his inability to control the volume of his voice so early in the morning…  time to sign off.

Happy New Year to you all.