Where to begin?

I have been keeping an online journal for the better part of the last six years…  I started it on a bitter cold and gray day in February of 2003, from our upstairs apartment deep in the heart of Downtown Norman (Oklahoma). It began as an attempt to connect…  both to others as well as myself, for I had hoped to draw out much of what often lay dormant behind the still veneer of my countenance.

My journal has ebbed and flowed in great yawning stanzas of silence and noise. I have closed access to it in both literal and figurative means, I have been both vulnerable and guarded…  sometimes within the same sentence. Which brings me to now…

My current domain has suffered some manner of technical malfunction and, in the interim, I have decided to start an alternative means of meta-narrative. A secondary creative outlet to pursue, in the event of any further or ongoing hiatus interruptus.

This endeavor will be more personable than personal, but hopefully still allow others to connect. Between my beloved and I, the stated purpose of this domain is to focus more upon the domestic and/or prosaic aspects of our lives.

Now we are six…  that is, we are six in number. Matthew, Candace, Gaelynn, Israel, Sophia, and little Liam are the members of Prospero House.

LORD willing, I think we shall be six for now and forever.